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We are on a journey to make bioinformatics accessible to everyone 🌍
The life sciences are currently experiencing a quiet digital revolution. Every year, novel technologies emerge and push the boundaries for what is possible to do with biological data. Advances in machine learning and improved in-silico simulations are driving more insightful sciences, cheaper and more personalized medicines, and ultimately better healthcare.

We are a small team and, as a growing organization, we have much to learn. We value curiosity, independent thinking, and humble sky-high ambitions.

  • Will you thrive in the exciting space between software development and life science?
  • Can you deliver your A-game in a start-up environment where every single one of us is responsible for our shared success?
  • Are you ready to seize an opportunity when it presents itself? 🚀

If so, check out our open positions! Life is short and time is precious, so we are genuinely honored that you consider spending your valuable time working with us.

Open positions at BioLib

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