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BioLib is a platform for biological data science applications. With these apps, you can turn biological data into life science insights with just a few clicks, securely in your browser.

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Turn your scripts, models, and algorithms into user-friendly apps with just a few clicks. Go from script to a product that can be shared freely with the community or commercialized within minutes.

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Build with BioLib

Building applications made simple. No need to think about servers, containers, or cloud infrastructure.

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Impact the Community

Reach the community of global users and commercialize your advanced analysis with ease.

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Privacy First

By design BioLib is privacy-preserving; users can rely on your apps knowing that their data will always be kept safe.

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With a few simple steps, you can get started with the latest bioinformatics apps. No coding experience or installation is necessary. BioLib is built with privacy and data security in mind; your input data stays on your machine to ensure the confidentiality of your data.



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BioLib makes it simple for researchers to turn unpolished data analysis scripts into shareable apps. The apps run directly in the browser with no need for installation, making it an ideal way to share your work with colleagues - irrespective of whether they are in the lab next door or on the other side of the globe.

When running apps on BioLib, scientists analyzing biological data get both the security required for working with sensitive data and the convenience afforded by web applications.
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Biotech & Pharma

Companies in biotech and pharma can conveniently and securely access a repository of data analytics tools for use in drug discovery and development. BioLib reduces the time and cost of using, creating, and commercializing specialized software tools for gaining insights about molecules and pathways.

By employing privacy-preserving compute technology, BioLib makes it possible for app-users and app-developers to collaborate in a way that protects the data and intellectual property for all parties.
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