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Empower your organization to work smarter with biological data using BioLib Enterprise

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Derive more value from your data assets with frictionless building, sharing, and execution of bioinformatics tools.


Raise the bar for portability and reproducibility with WebAssembly-based containerization.


Stay in control of your data; set new standards for data security with scalable, sandboxed computation.

Agile technology adoption with your data always protected

Whether working with tools developed internally in your organization or by external partners, with BioLib Enterprise you reduce the friction when integrating, deploying, and running new tools, without compromising on data security.

tick SSO and Granular Permissions Management
tick Internal Sharing of Projects and Tools
tick Run Tools Using On-premise Resources
tick Configure Company-wide Trusted Data Sources
tick Priority Support and Uptime SLA

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Jørn Emborg

Co-founder of BioLib

Enterprise Lead