Synthetic Health Data Hackathon 2020

Join a virtual hackathon hosted by Rigshospitalet on the weekend of November 27-29th. You will get to work on diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease through the use of synthetic data. Sign up by November 20th.

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The Synthetic Health Data 2020 hackathon will take place on the weekend of November 27-29th as a 100% virtual hackathon. In small teams, students and researchers will have 40 hours to get creative and develop innovative ways to work with different data sets related to diabetes and Alzheimer's. This hackathon is a part of the SHARED project and hosted by Rigshospitalet’s professor Henning Langberg.

Participating Teams


Synthetic Data in Health Care

Diabetes and Neurodegenerative Diseases

The focus of the hackathon will be to use new data science approaches to fight diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. You will work with traditional patient data and “synthetic data”, applying different machine learning models and doing benchmarking to determine whether the synthetic data approach is a useful tool for allowing researchers to work with sensitive health data in a way that more effectively protects patients’ sensitive data.

An overview of the hackathon challenges can be found here.

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Rigshospitalet is Copenhagen’s main university hospital. Located in the heart of the Danish capital, the hospital plays a crucial role in the Danish health-care system and has biomedical research as a key priority.


Collaborators and Mentors
University of Helsinki
Turku University Hospital
Teal Medical
Copenhagen Bio Vikings

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Digital Hub Denmark
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