Work with Sensitive Data. Securely.

Advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning and other tools for advanced data-analytics have the potential to revolutionize the life sciences. However, we will not be able to reap the full benefits of these tools until critical data-privacy and data-security challenges are effectively addressed.

The BioLib zero-knowledge compute platform bridges the data-security gap, creating a service where holders of sensitive or proprietary data and developers of innovative analytics tools can collaborate securely and conveniently.

Enables Access-icon

Enables Access

BioLib enable global access to analytical tools developed by experts, irrespective of where the user is situated. Ultimately this means more innovation and an acceleration of research in life science.

Protects Privacy-icon

Protects Privacy

Encrypting the sensitive data client-side using fully homomorphic encryption means that no-one but the data owner will ever gets access to the unencrypted sensitive data or the results of the analysis.

Drives Innovation-icon

Drives Innovation

BioLib is the market place that allow professionals and researchers on one side to access powerful machine learning tools and helps analytics providers on the other side access clients.

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