Let's make biological data science accessible to the world

Imagine a world where developing new drugs and vaccines takes months, not years; a world where rare diseases can be detected early and treated effectively; a world where new discoveries in the life sciences immediately translate to better lives.

Extraordinary times for life science

New technologies emerge every year that push the boundaries for what is possible to achieve with biological data and computational methods. Advances in machine learning and improved in-silico simulations will, in the coming years, drive new scientific discoveries, faster drug development, and ultimately better healthcare.

At BioLib, we are on a mission to build the platform that makes these technological breakthroughs accessible to the people who need them.

Our story (so far)

BioLib was founded in Copenhagen in 2019. From day one, our team has been dedicated to building software that empowers researchers to create, share, and run applications to analyze biological data.

At BioLib, we strive to combine the best of two worlds: software and biotechnology. As a software company, we move fast, experiment, and are obsessed with our end-users' experiences. As a biotech company, we make long-term investments in developing our own technology. We allow ourselves to dive deep into the science, and we have an uncompromising commitment to protecting our users' data.