Visiting BioLib HQ

We carefully crafted this page with just enough details to help your arrival feel easy as a breeze. Please scroll through it and carefully read instructions relevant to your visit. We hope to welcome you at our office soon!

Location and contact

Our office is located in the V74 Office Hotel, with address:
Vesterbrogade 74, 3. Sal, 1620, København
Office Phone: +45 52 63 13 91

Upon Arrival

Please follow this procedure:

  1. Call the number you received in your invitation. Alternatively, reach us at:
    +45 52 63 13 91
  2. Press the button with 3. sal on the door phone left to the door, the door will automatically open.
  3. Enter the building. Proceed to the 3. floor either by stairs or elevator.
  4. The person you called on arrival will greet you at the door on the 3rd floor.
  5. Enjoy your time at the BioLib Office.

Car Parking

Parking spaces in the inner city of Copenhagen are notorious for being hard to find and sometimes quite expensive too. However, we are fortunate enough to have a decent-sized parking lot in our backyard. You'll access the parking lot through Tullingsgade coming from Gammel Kongevej.

Google Maps link to parking lot

Please find our office building at Vesterbrogade by following the signs to føtex through the yard.

Bike Parking

Biking through Copenhagen is a sustainable and fun way to get around, but finding a place to park your bike can sometimes be a bit of hassle. Luckily, our neighbor is a Føtex store with good bike-parking options. You will find bike stands left to the front door of our office building.

Public transportation

There are several points of entry to the public transportation system near the office:

  • Bus stop: Frederiksberg Allé (Vesterbrogade) Routes 7A and 93N
  • Bus stop: Værnedamsvej (Gammel Kongevej) Routes 26, 31 & 71
  • Metro M3: Frederiksberg Allé
  • Metro M3: Enghave Plads
  • S-Train: Copenhagen Central Station

Before we meet

If you have not yet, we encourage you to click around our pages to get a better sense of what BioLib is all about:

See you soon!