Using Applications Overview

This article gives an overview of different considerations and common questions in relation to running applications on BioLib.

Data Privacy on BioLib: By default, applications on BioLib run in a sand-boxed environment client-side. While using applications on BioLib looks and feels like using a web-server, it is very different in that by default the code is sent to the end-user's computer where the data is analyzed (on a traditional web-server the data is sent to the server where it is analyzed). Hence, no data can leave the user's machine without their express permission.

Calling Applications from Script: Most often, users run BioLib applications directly from the browser using the graphical UI. However, it is also possible to call BioLib applications from the command-line or a script.

Common Issues: When running BioLib applications through the browser, make sure to use an up-to-date version of either Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge. It is recommended to use a machine with at least 4GB RAM.