Permissions and Sharing Code

You control who can view, run, and edit your application in the "App Settings" section of the application editor. Under "App Settings" you have three separate menu points: "Owner", "Visibility", and an open-source option.

Owner: The "Owner" of a BioLib application, in effect, is the admin user. When editing an application one can transfer an application from your personal account to a team you are a member of.

Visibility: The visibility option sets who can view and run an application. There are three different visibility modes:

  • Draft: Only the owner (individual user or team) can view and run the application
  • Private: The application can be viewed and run by anyone who as access to a private link
  • Public: Any user on BioLib can access and run the application

Open-source: If the option is set to "Yes", anyone with permission to view and run the application will be able to also download all the source files including executables.